Texas UIL Tennis Rules

    1. Point Penalty System

All players are warned prior to the start of the tournament.
1st offense: Point
2nd offense: Game
3rd offense: Default from the Match or Tournament
Penalty points are cumulative throughout the tournament.

    1. Receiver’s Service Box

The receiver’s partner shall not stand in the receiver’s service box before
or during the serve. If a player does so, he shall be warned that if he does
so again he is subject to be penalized under the point penalty system.

    1. Coaching

There is college style coaching in UIL tennis matches. Only the school tennis coach may coach players between points as long the coach does not interfere with play and the coach does not go onto the court; the school tennis coach may coach from outside the fence. The school tennis coach may coach players during the 90-second changeover at the end of odd games, the two minute set break between the first and second sets, and the three minute set break between the second set and the third set match tiebreak in team tennis and during the 10 minute set break between the second and third set in spring tennis. During the 90- second changeovers and the two minute set break between the first and second sets, only the school tennis coach may give instruction and the school tennis coach may enter the court as long as the coach is off in time for the serve to begin within 90 seconds.

    1. Overrules

The umpire, while they are on any particular court, may overrule any obvious error or call any violation they witness whether an appeal is requested or not.

    1. Scoring

The scoring for team tennis (fall) is two out of three sets, no-add, with a match tie break for the third set. The scoring for individual tennis (spring) in the district, regional, and state is regular scoring (add) with a seven point tiebreak in all sets.

Now that we are in the midst of the fall UIL dual match schedule, there are some reminders that we all need to keep in mind…

Here are the basics:

  • There is a 10 minute warm-up for each match.
  • There is a 15 minute optional rest period between doubles and singles.
  • There is a 3 minute break between the second set and the third set tiebreak.
  • Code violations are cumulative throughout the dual match.
  • No code violations can be assessed to a player after the completion of their singles match. Code violations however may be assessed from the start of the dual match through the completion of a player’s singles competition.
  • Remember that when there is no specific UIL rule, then we revert to USTA rules.
  • In the case of a diabetic issue, the player may take up to 15 minutes to resolve their issue.
  • In the Frisco ISD district matches, all matches are to be played to completion in a best of three set format. No exceptions. Also, in the Frisco district there is a 10 minute break between doubles and singles.
  • In most other districts, the format switches to 8 game pro sets once the winner of the dual has been determined. Be sure to check with the coaches before play begins to determine their format.

Here is the link to the UIL website that contains all the specific information: http://www.uiltexas.org/team-tennis

Some districts have their own rules and guidelines so be sure to acquaint yourself with these differences before competition begins.