2024 Certification

HTUA Members,

Reminder that the deadline to submit everything for 2024 certification is February 28, 2024. For 2024 certification, you may use the vision form you submitted last year. Scan the copy of your 2024 vision form in pdf format. Go to OfficialsFirst.com and click on Vision Form on the top menu. When the Vision Examination Form comes up, click on Upload Vision Form. attach your copy of the vision form, and submit. In a couple of days, check your account and see if your vision form has been accepted. If you have completed the SafePlay and it has not appeared on your account, email Brooke at Officiating@usta.com. If you are still having problems, email me at patnjohn65@aol.com or text me at 832-202-8579.

John Mullins
HTUA President