USTA / UIL Rules On Video Taping

Please keep these rules in mind when working USTA and/or UIL tournaments. We are occasionally asked about what the rule is, so you need to know it all depends on whether it is UIL or USTA

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According to section 1208 (m) of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules:



  1. Non-Conference and District Contests.
    • (A) Videotaping/Filming by Schools.
      • (i) It is a violation to videotape or film a non-conference or district athletic contest in which your school or team is not competing unless prior consent of the two schools involved has been obtained.
      • (ii) A school does not have to obtain permission to film or tape a non-conference or district contest in which it is competing. However, the film or videotape may not be utilized until after the contest has been completed.
      • (iii) Films and videotapes become the property of the school doing the filming unless by district rule or by consent of the schools involved in the contest.
    • (B) Videotaping/Filming by Individuals. Any individual taping or filming must have permission from the schools involved in the contest and may not obstruct the view of other spectators of the contest.
    • (C) Commercial Uses. Use of the films or tapes for commercial purposes must be approved by all schools involved in the contest.
  2. Regional and State Playoffs.
    • (A) Schools and/or individuals must have prior approval of the tournament director to film or videotape a regional or state tournament, and may not obstruct the view of other spectators of the contest.
    • (B) Commercial enterprises must have prior approval of the tournament director and the UIL director to film or videotape a regional or state tournament, and may not obstruct the view of other spectators of the contest.


“The videotaping /photography for personal non-commercial purposes of any portion of a sanctioned USTA event is permissable under the law, much like any event in a public place (Zoo, Park, Mall, etc) If a parent or party objects to their player being photographed, they may ask the TD to intercede on their behalf and request that any photographer stop photographing or reposition their camera to exclude their player. However, other than optional compliance or respectful consideration , there are no grounds to DENY anyone the right to photograph”