2018 Certification

HTUA Members,

I hope everyone is doing well after the visit from hurricane Harvey, especially those who had flood damage to their homes and those who lost property due to high water.

2018 Certification News:
The modules for 2018 certification are now online. Be sure you complete all the modules required for recertification in the areas that you would like to be certified in 2018. Deadline for recertification is Oct. 31. You will need to update your work record on Nucula. Unless you have enough assignments on your work record to satisfy the requirements for the area in which you want 2018 certification, you will receive a provisional certification. You will need to do the Safe Play Training and the background check. Since this an odd numbered year, you will be required to have an eye examination and submit an eye exam form. The eye exam form is due Dec. 1. The Safe Play Training and eye exam form can be found on the HTUA website: HTUA-tennis.org. Everything for recertification can be found on the Nucula site. When you complete everything, go to your Nucula account and click on My Accounts, then click on My Settings. When your information appears, click on Certi at the top. Finally click on Recertification Request. Hope you get everything done before you decide to write the USTA a letter concerning the recertification process.

All new officials should have applied for a Nucula account.  If you do not have a Nucula account, contact Bruce Sampley at bruce-tnsref@charter.net.  If you do not receive a response from Bruce within a week, email him again.  If no response after two weeks, please contact me at patnjohn65@aol.com or text or call me at 832-202-8579.

John Mullins
HTUA President